Should I Buy a Lab Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring?

lab created white sapphire engagement ring

Buying your engagement ring is a stressful matter. A limited budget will push you to the breaking point. But it really doesn’t have to be. You now have many more alternatives than going for an expensive and unnecessarily overrated diamonds. Lab created white sapphire engagement ring is one such fine example.

There are many guides that tell you how to find the right engagement ring, often set with a diamond. What they most seem to care is either selling their expensive stone to you or getting your jewelry job done for even higher price tag than the stone itself.

Like many other things in current day, the engagement ring too is a highly commercialized profit oriented object. Whereas it should really be a symbolic sentimental gesture that resonates the love, affection and never breaking promise.

Below guide provides you more up to date information and the aspects that really matter. So that you can do a more informed and accurate decision.

1. Diamonds are overrated

This seems to be a radical statement. But it is true. The days are gone where your uncle or that materialistic friend tells you what to do. ‘You must go for a diamond’ least to say is an ancient saying. Getting a lab created white sapphire engagement wing may sound even radical. But it will make sense when you read through this article.

A lab created white sapphire engagement ring
Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Diamond should be treated as what it really is. True that diamond is the hardest material that naturally occur scoring 10 on a Mohs scale that measure the hardness of objects. It may have a superior brilliance and fire. And that exactly is a diamond. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Yes, the Budget Matters

Someone looking to start a new chapter of life specially with a potentially imminent expense of a wedding, shouldn’t really be spending few times of your monthly salary at this stage.

A 1 carat diamond may cost you between 4,000 – 6,000 dollars that too when you compromise on the quality. A high end diamond may cost over 10,000 dollars at times. Then having it set on a ring will cost you few thousand more depending on who your jeweler is.

A lab created white sapphire engagement ring will cost you a fraction of that. You can find the best quality and a fitting ring style for 500 – 1,000 dollars. If you can spare little more, a natural white sapphire should do just fine.

3. Be Informed

This is probably the part where no one really knows nothing about. A sapphire either lab created or natural has same physical and material characteristics. They both score a ‘9’ on the Mohs scale just 1 point below the diamond. It also has a superior brilliance when cut correctly. What it lacks is only the fire of a diamond.

A diamond
A Diamond: The Brilliance and Fire are all Scientific

Fire of a diamond is merely the stone working as a prism that disintegrates light into it’s visual spectrum just like you learned in your junior school. It could be visually appealing. But that doesn’t mean it should dictate probably the most importance juncture of your life.

4. Get Superior 4Cs with a Lab Created White Sapphire Engagement Ring

4Cs is the quality measurement guide of an precious stone including diamonds, sapphire and all other semi precious stones. With the lower expense limit, you can go for probably the marginal values on all these parameters. With a little off color, some inclusions, a potentially bad cut and just 1 carat of diamond may be all we can find for a limited budget.

color of a diamond
A Low Budget will Permit Less Color Diamond

But you can find a sapphire at less than quarter of that cost with the top of the range color, clarity, cut and also a sizable and prominent stone with good carat weight that stands out with the ring. Such stone can definitely overpower a bad diamond on any day.

5. Lab Created White Sapphire has less Inclusions

Every naturally occurring stone has its own flaws what we call inclusions. Be it a diamond or a sapphire all have inclusions at varying proportions. Lab created sapphire on the other hand is the purest. It’s made in a controlled environment with only the right ingredients giving them the superior purity.

lab created white sapphire is pure
A Lab Created White Sapphire is Pure

One more reason why you should at least favorably look at this option. Lab created sapphire are used in high end electronics, laser equipment, aerospace industry and for many other industrial uses. Diamond on the other hand use for all types of cutting machines due to it’s hardness. Choose something that creates rather than something that intends to cut and destroy. As silly as it sounds, it could also make sense at times.

6. Setting Can Bring More Value

Lot of us are so entangled with the idea of getting a diamond for the engagement ring, that we sometimes forget all about the setting. The setting can take away flaws of the stone and bring more value. However the cost of a diamond can left you only so much that doesn’t allow you to finish your setting to her liking.

lab created white sapphire engagement ring
The Setting is Also Important

Work with her friends and look for her style. Do a good research on available setting styles that can really enhance the stone and push her towards that ‘yes’. Spend little money on the setting and that lab created white sapphire can shine even more than an average diamond.

7. Lab Created vs. Natural White Sapphire

If lab created is a no go, then natural white sapphire can be your next option before jumping into a diamond. Some prefer the engagement ring stone to be a natural and untreated. It can be little expensive than a lab created white sapphire, but you can get a good quality carat between 500 – 800 dollars.

natural white sapphire engagement ring
A Natural White Sapphire Ring

Similar to the synthetic counter part, it has a nice silver like brilliance. A good cut, clarity and carat weight can really enhance the quality of the overall finished product parallel to a diamond ring.

Final Thoughts

Finally it’s your life your decision and what makes two of you to bond together more. It shouldn’t really be a matter between a diamond and a sapphire. Take some quality time to consider your options and be informed. A lab created white sapphire is a fine alternative if above mentioned points make sense to you. You can always give her a diamond ring later.

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