Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire

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Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Unheated

This blue sapphire was commercially cut when I purchased from renowned gem fair in Ratnapura (gemcity) Sri Lanka. As expected out from any commercially cut sapphire in Sri Lanka the windowing effect was obvious which prompted me to precision cut the pavillion to enhance the stone. I did not recut the crown though as the stone got very much eluminated following the recut of the pavillon. The final product is exactly 1ct.

Variety: Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire
Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Colour: Pastel Blue
Treatments: Unheated, no treatment. Please see attached certificate
Weight: 1.00 Carat
Shape: Oval
Clarity: Slightly included; the stone is slightly included as shown in the pictures taken from a macro camera, but this is hardly visible to naked eye
Hardness: 9 on the Mohs Scale

Price: USD 490 free shipping

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