About Us

We believe there is an obvious lack of fact and research-based information relating to the gem and sapphire industry for buyers and admirers to make informed decisions. This is unfortunately an industry characterized by insecurity than transparency and openness. It will do more harm than good to the sustainability and viability of this thousand of years old gem mining, faceting, and trading profession.

Acceptance in the eyes of modern-day communities requires accessibility to well-qualified data and information. We aim to bridge that gap by presenting well-studied and structured information in a more coherent manner. Thereby contributing to these natural wonders to get appreciated and admired for the generations to come.

We are a duo of husband and wife based out of Sri Lanka – a country dubbed as ‘Gem Island’ gifted with the world’s finest precious and semi-precious gemstones. We took a particular interest in the world of mesmerizing gemstones. Apart from the blog we also do our own rough gemstone sourcing within the island. We are professional lapidarist and we precision cut our own gemstones. We do not believe in commercial cutting, rather we take pride in spending quality time to cut a gemstone until it becomes nothing, but the perfect marvel.

You can see our faceted gemstones in the portfolio section and follow us on Instagram to have a look at the most amazing gems that come out of our boutique lapidary workshop. All precious and semi-precious gemstones are also for sale, you can directly purchase them via direct messaging on Instagram or by emailing us at admin@amazingsapphire.com

We thank you for visiting us and keep expanding your knowledge and expertise. We wish you the best of luck.